The Good, The Bad and The Funky By Yvette Jong
Yvette Jong, Craft House, Hong Kong and New York

My bike is my status symbol

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People once frowned on those with bicycles — surely they didn't have the means to afford a car. But these days the world's going in reverse. 

Bicycles, vintage bikes and vintage Vespas are in. Not only that — people are spending thousands (yes, thousands) of U.S. dollars on these "modern" luxuries. 

So, what are the opportunities for hotels and destinations to meet the needs of today's urbanites?

Get those bikes and take advantage of bike-friendly destinations. Get your guests off their butts, out of the cars, into the open and active in new and exciting ways.

Below are some photos I took from a recent trip in Italy, and here is a link to my recommendation on ways travelers can explore destinations better — by easyriding!

Vintage bicycle rental with a map through the Ghetto in Rome


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