What’s Hot: New York landmark unveils wine-inspired suite

By Oriana Lerner on 7/30/2014

Few special occasions are complete without champagne. The finishing touch for the 909-key New York Palace’s US$140 million renovation is a suite that makes a case that no hotel should be complete without it, either. The design team at HOK recently completed the Champagne Suite, a triplex space that takes the drink as both a literal and metaphorical inspiration.

The 5,000-sq-ft (465-sq-m) space features a second floor whose palette is defined by wine tones. The master bedroom’s ecru, amber and cream shades take their inspiration from the Chardonnay grape. The master bathroom uses the same colors, but adds textural plays. The veining in the floor and the texture in the shower walls give off the same effervescent vibe as champagne bubbles. The guest bedroom and library take their look from darker wines. The living room’s paler tones form a contrast.

A mural adds an artistic look.

However, despite the presence of a wine cave off the parlor, designer Amy Jacubowski (now with Puccini Group) didn’t want to let the theme overpower the design. A two-story mural opposite the entrance brings in an artistic feel. Hewn-wood tones reference grape presses in a more layered way.

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