Hot Openings: ‘Experimental luxury’ in Tel Aviv

By Brittany Farb Gruber on 8/9/2016

Housed in a restored Bauhaus architecture-style building in Tel Aviv, the Poli House opening in October. Designed by Karim Rashid, the 40-room property aims to embody the essence of the Israeli city’s past, present and future through “experimental luxury.”

Poli House guestroom

Guest bathroom

The Poli House boasts “warm and clean” yellow, blue and white interiors that pay homage to 1930s Tel Aviv, tech-savvy design elements, and health- and style-conscious amenities. Located on the ground floor, the Poli House Portal is a cultural center featuring a gallery space, an art magazine and design bookstore and evolving fashion display.


“We usually only look to the past for inspiration, but the mentality of Tel Aviv is very contemporary, focusing less on the past and looking forward to the future,” said Rashid. “The Poli House embodies just that. I tried to embrace that Tel Aviv spirit, energy and love of life into the function of the hotel, turning an emotion into a tangible form through colors and graphics.”

Guestroom workspace


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