Travel Singularity: Predicting the Future of our Industry Simone Puorto
Simone Puorto, Renaissance futurist, founder of Travel Singularity and podcaster; Paris, Rome

Bio for Simone Puorto

Simone Puorto is a former hotel GM and a consultant, author of two best-selling books on hotel marketing, contributor for major industry blogs, and MBA lecturer for schools such as Les Roches, ESSEC and LUISS. He is founder and CEO of Travel Singularity, a consulting firm whose vision is to connect the dots between digital disruption and existing technologies in hotels. Over his more than 20-year career, he has consulted for international hotel groups, helped to consolidate one of the largest hotel chains in Italy, and advised for travel tech companies worldwide. He often refers to himself as “Renaissance futurist.” He is a firm believer and supporter of post-human, anti-speciesists and transhumanist values, such as neuroenhancement, morphological freedom, biohacking, cyborg and animal rights. He lives in Paris with his wife and cats.