Why HANYC regrettably must sue to support its members
by Guest Contributor in Blog - October 22, 2021

Early in October, HANYC (the Hotel Association of New York City) filed a lawsuit in federal district court in a…

In Vino Veritas LXXXVI: Wine lists and QR menus don’t mix
by Adam and Larry Mogelonsky in Blog - October 21, 2021

Selling wine is as much about presentation as it is the taste of the actual elixir. After all, if a…

Don’t buck the plant-based trend
by Adam and Larry Mogelonsky in Blog - October 14, 2021

It’s a slow, relentless march towards zero-carbon emissions for all businesses in all industries. While the goal of ‘net zero’…

With roadtripping the rage, EV charging’s importance grows
by Inge Huijbrechts in Blog - October 12, 2021

The end of September marked the 20th anniversary of the European Mobility Week, a key milestone in the European Commission’s…