Does full price deserve full service and attention?

“No one in my group swims, yet the hotel salesperson spent three-quarters of the time showing me their indoor and outdoor pool facilities”

Contributed by Bart Berkey, Most People Don’t, LLC, Sterling, Virginia

“When I needed to see a standard room… none were available because they were still being cleaned or were hung from the night before.”

“The ballroom that we saw was dirty from the night before, with trash, empty cans, and confetti on the floor. I couldn’t imagine our incentive award winners feeling very special with the condition of the meeting space.”

“Allow me to show you each of our seven F&B outlets even though all of your food functions will be hosted in our meeting space.”

Customers and planners are losing their patience about service expectations. If they pay full price, they want to receive full service. This is not as easy as we all would like it to be.

Many of our supplier friends remain without the staffing levels they desire and/or need. What can be done?

I heard from a planner friend, “it sometimes seems as though everyone is in meetings trying to figure out how to get more business, or how to evaluate future opportunities, and they may not be paying enough attention to the customers in front of them.”

A simple suggestion: prioritize

  1. If a site inspection is arriving with potential future business, be flexible and figure out a way to have at least one guest room to show them.
  2. Be creative and show one portion of the ballroom set up to their expectations and close the other temporary walls.
  3. Have your executive team be involved in parts of the tour to offer their support and show their expertise.
  4. Ask questions prior to determine what aspects of the site visit are most important for them to see. Don’t show what you think is important; share what they state is important. You can still upsell along the way while respecting their time.
  5. All tasks should be viewed through the lens of “will it help the customer” and “will it bring in revenue.”