Is ‘reconnection’ travel the new big thing?

We have all heard about transformational travel, purposeful travel, meaningful travel. And if there’s one thing this pandemic and the strict quarantine measures have shown us, it is that connection is key to our lives. Connection is a core human need, and the desire to connect a fundamental human drive.

We need the connection to others, nature and ourselves in a much greater way than ever before. We have been connected to work, to finance, to a materialistic lifestyle, to how we look. Yet, coming out of this, what we hear everywhere is about spending more time with friends, with family, experiencing life more, working less, striving less for fame and beauty and more for the real experiences that put a smile on our faces and a song in our hearts.

Connecting with nature is the simplest of all, and whether your hotel is in nature or in the city, biophilic design and experience will be on the rise. There are so many ways to connect with nature, and you do not always have to be physically in it.

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Then connecting with yourself is also on everyone’s lips today. “What is my purpose” and “what gives my life meaning” are frequently asked questions. Workshops, experiences and sessions that will help people find their purpose are everywhere.

I recently did one of my Sunday talk show interviews with Boyd Varty, who has a course called “Tracking your life.” Colette Baron-Reid’s followers are skyrocketing and participating in her oracle course.  Self-development courses and the number of advices on line talks are unlimited and with a yoga and meditation teacher on board, or cooperation with a third party, there are a number of options for hotels to create meaningful reconnection workshops and sessions.

Connection with others, friends, family and loved ones is touching us everywhere. People who will be there for us no matter what job we have and regardless of how much money we have to splash around. Real connections. Social connection is the experience of feeling close and connected to others. It involves feeling loved, cared for and valued. I for one have been neglecting connections for quite some time. Saying no to a dinner with a friend one too many times because I have too much work. This is going to change. I am not saying no to any invite right now if at all possible, work will not come first and spending time with loved ones is going to be my number one priority from now on.

Creating places of connection, workshops, events in hotels is our expertise. We might have to be a little more creative with physical distancing, but it definitely does not mean social distancing!

And finally connection with the world around us. When speaking with people, it’s not just about white sandy beaches and colorful drinks with a cherry and an umbrella anymore. No, they want to go to Machu Picchu, see the Pyramids, climb Kilimanjaro and walk the Camino. Bucket list travel where they can connect with the world, truly experience the wonder of this beautiful earth and immerse themselves in experiences that will stay etched in memories and hearts for a very long time.

Humans are one of the most social species, and consequently social connection is essential to nearly every aspect of health and well-being.

I believe therefore that reconnection travel is the very next big thing. Watch this space!