Let’s support our industry associations like never before

Let’s support our industry associations like never before

In December 2016, I published a blog here entitled, “As a profession, we are stronger together.” It was an ode to the AH&LA, the National Restaurant Association and the many state associations that advance our industry.

Let us all not forget how much the leadership of these organizations is doing for our collective owners, operators and employees (and future leaders) at this time of crisis. These individuals are working around the clock on behalf of our greater good and are enduring the same stressors, concerns and perils in physical and financial insecurities that we all are.

Keeping up with the individual association efforts, whether in the U.S. or in other regions, may be challenging. Would readers submit helpful trade association websites for all of us to share?

As you can, support your local, state and national trade associations like you never have before. When times are better for us all – and they will be – let’s not forget what they have done for us now and remember to support them all to our fullest ability.

We are all in this together: #HospitalityStrong, not just today, but forever.