Will you charge for housekeeping?

If you think hotel guests don’t like resort fees, just wait until you charge them for housekeeping.

Do you dare implement a charge for daily housekeeping at a time when so many hoteliers are asking guests to forgo regularly expected cleanings? Perhaps you assume most guests prefer to keep exposure to team members to a minimum and don’t mind making up their own space for a few days.

It might work well for transient business travel, but guests at resorts or traveling with messy kids might want and expect daily housekeeping per usual without having to pay for it. In fact, they might make sure it is still offered without fees before they book.

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Are you starting to post notices on your booking engines to make sure guests are aware of limited housekeeping offers? If so, has there been any pushback?

Is it reasonable to expect guests to understand the margin pressures you face as cause for a policy change?

Tread lightly and review what is happening in your comp set before making a call here.

Please chime in here with your thoughts and plans, as potential housekeeping charges could very well become the next hot hotel topic on social media channels.