COVID-19: Europe collapse? | Canadians sue for coverage

Turbulence in Europe

 Europe’s tourism revival is running into turbulence only weeks after countries reopened their borders, with rising infections in Spain and other nations causing increasing concern among health authorities over people bringing the coronavirus home from their summer vacations. European countries started opening up to each other’s tourists in mid-June, but recent events have shown that that move is subject to setbacks.

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Canadian hotels denied COVID coverage

Canadian hotels are the latest group to launch a class action lawsuit resulting from COVID-19 after they were denied insurance coverage for business income lost because of the pandemic. In a statement of claim, Lerners LLP alleged that Aviva Insurance Company of Canada was in breach of contract when it denied the hotels’ loss of business income coverage after the federal and provincial governments declared states of emergency, restricting their business due to the outbreak of the coronavirus. It is seeking US$150 million.

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Barcelona tourism impact

The pandemic has seriously affected tourism in the city, considerably damaged meetings-driven tourism at a time when Barcelona was ranking fourth place in the world, according to a report from Horwath HTL The situation is a problem of extraordinary relevance, HTL Horwath says, as tourism is the sector that contributes most to the Spanish economy. It is likely that the bulk of the tourism sector will not return to a minimum of normality until 2021, and fiscal and financial measures will not be able to prevent the bankruptcy of many businesses and the loss of tens of thousands of jobs.

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ASEAN associations endorse travel bubble

Hotel associations in Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines are advocating a start to intra-ASEAN travel to boost regional tourism, which has been hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. While the possibility of opening borders for tourism is likely still months away, each country is starting to open up travel and hospitality services for domestic tourists.

Hotel and Restaurant Association of the Philippines head Eugene T. Yap said the country had created a local travel bubble program, allowing domestic tourists to visit 10 destinations with strict protocols in place.

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