COVID-19: Tripadvisor’s virus report | Aman reopening

Short trips, close to home: Tripadvisor report

Tripadvisor is publishing a new report, “Beyond COVID-19: The Road to Recovery for the Travel Industry,” outlining a five-stage recovery for the travel and hospitality industry: Decline, Plateau, Emerge, Domestic Travel and finally, a return to International Travel. The study shows the world is still hungry for travel: Over two-thirds of travelers (68%) reported already thinking about where they want to go next. Notable insights include:

•   Shorter trips to destinations closer to home are top of mind. Nearly half (44%) of consumers say they are more likely to take a road trip, and two-thirds (61%) say they are most comfortable taking a road trip for three to five days.

•   Nature and beach destinations are top of mind in accommodation search trends.

•   North and Latin America have seen spikes in traffic researching campgrounds, ranches and beach motels, as well as lodgings featuring boating, skiing, canoeing or horseback riding.

•   Nearly nine in 10 (86%) consumers say cleanliness will be very important when selecting an accommodation after COVID-19, with the provision of hand sanitizers and sealed amenities, the frequency with which rooms are disinfected, and the use of temperature checks for employees and guests all now cited as top considerations.

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Aman begins phased reopening

Singapore-based Aman Resorts will begin a phased reopening all its hotels, “taking all appropriate steps in line with guidelines from the World Health Organization and government authorities according to each location.” New cleaning protocol includes: thorough cleaning and sanitization, proper use of personal protective equipment and staff training in all aspects of health, safety and hygiene. The series of protocols will vary from country to country and resort to resort and will evolve and be updated as the situation changes.

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