Kimpton offers stress-busting dogs for meetings

Meetings can be stressful. So what better way to break away than a cuddle session with a hotel dog? That is what Kimpton Hotel Palomar Philadelphia believes.

Since its inception in October 2015, The Palomar Pet Pals program has seen many dogs from local shelter Saved Me get adopted.

The hotel is working with shelter to feature dogs that are having trouble finding forever homes, allowing them to get valuable face time and socialization with hotel guests.

The dogs visit during weekday afternoons, spending a few hours in the living room greeting guests and offering up some smile-inducing cuddle sessions. Once the current Pet Pal is adopted, a new one is chosen.

This program has recently been extended into group meeting breaks with Pet Pal Playdates. Groups can choose to have a visit with a few adoptable dogs during one of their meeting breaks at the hotel. It is bookable for US$100 fee – which goes directly to the shelter.