Leadership, recovery – and spa: HOTELS top 5 stories for June

More than anything, HOTELS top-read stories for the month of June featured the voices of hoteliers on the COVID-ravaged front lines – leading companies through a devastating and disheartening spring, and charting a path forward to recovery and profitability.

Readers sought out the unique perspectives of top CEOS at a virtual panel; hoteliers seeing the first signs of recovery in China; spa veteran Sue Harmsworth; and GMs Ashish Verma, at The Chatwal in Manhattan, and Hans Bruland, who is watching history in the making from his historic Hay-Adams hotel in Washington, D.C.

In fact, June was such a rich month news-wise that I cheated a little – the top five includes an extra three top-hitting stories that make a neat bundle: Contributor Mary Scoviak’s work on three aspects of the recovery, including dealmaking, the appetite for M&A, and property survival.

The neighborhood around Hans Bruland's hotel, the Hay-Adams, in Washington, D.C.
The neighborhood around Hans Bruland’s hotel, the Hay-Adams, in Washington, D.C.

Sue Harmsworth on the future of spa and wellness

Chinese hotels, focusing on local tourism, see guests return

NYU CEO panel: Leadership, recovery and the future of hotels

Hay-Adams’ Bruland a witness to history in D.C.

Leadership in luxury: ‘We are the most privileged to serve’

The path to recovery:

2020 will be a deal desert

‘The appetite for M&A is huge’

Fight for property survival