Managing through crisis: Top 5 stories for May

Did COVID-19 trigger a sea change in how hotels operate, or did it simply push inevitable – but necessary – changes to the fore, after nearly a decade of near-continuous growth? Whether you believe things will return to a more familiar normal or to a new, as-yet-undefined mode, HOTELS top five stories for the month of May show that everyone is thinking about how to operate differently, at least for the time being.

Re-evaluating F&B offerings, raising the bar on hygiene, rethinking how to maximize profits on meeting space, perhaps most important, how to lead effectively and inspirationally through a devastating crisis – those were all top of mind for our readers.

Here’s the top five:

1. Everything is on the table as hoteliers re-evaluate F&B

2. From high-touch to no-touch: The new hygiene paradigm

3. What recovery could look like for big-box hotels

4. Key leadership takeaways from the crisis

5. Top leaders share lessons of survival