Shock, then strategy: HOTELS top stories for March

Not surprisingly, HOTELS top stories for March centered around one topic: the coronavirus and its devastating impact around the globe. What’s happening now, what are hoteliers saying – and where do we go from here?

Top stories this month all tackled those questions. In the top spot was a contribution by Catherine Monthienvichienchai, chief branding officer at Bangkok-based QUO, asking perhaps the biggest question of all. Others, including an owner-operator, Marriott International and AJ Capital’s founder, focused on shorter and long-term strategy. And in our fifth spot, some practical advice about how to navigate the ongoing impacts of your business. 

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Here are the top stories for March: 

1. Will we travel differently in a post-virus world?

2. Owner-operator talks COVID-19 shock, first response

3. Marriott: ‘Hundreds’ of likely closures, but deals still happening

4. AJ Capital founder pivots, prepares for rebound

5. COVID-19: Keep calm and review your insurance