Take note: Starbucks’ template for customer communications

Comforting constituents

Starbucks nailed it Thursday morning when it sent this email to its customers about what they are doing in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. I liked its caring and empathetic tone and what it is doing to support the communities in which they operate and their staff members, or “partners,” including supporting associates with catastrophe pay and mental health resources for those who fall ill or are caring for a family member. CEO Kevin Johnson says the company has learned from its experience in China, where 90% of Starbucks stores have reopened. If you are looking for a template to best communicate with your guests, this would be a good place to start. 

Summer break comes early

Here is some good advice about how to best work from home if affected by COVID-19, especially if your setup requires you to be cozier than you’d like to be during business hours with your partner. (And if your younger children are home from school, like mine are, may I suggest calling in all favors with nannies, babysitters, nieces and nephews.)

HR tips on COVID-19

We’ve all heard about washing our hands and social distancing. Here are some tips on how to navigate work during a health crisis. First: Don’t ask your team members if have the virus. To find out why, read the Bloomberg report.

OTA case studies

Yes, OTA is often a dirty word to hoteliers, but this Forbes article makes some good points about when they might be more friend than foe, and offers three case studies to consider.