U.S. hotels surpass 2019 profits

The U.S. hotel industry came roaring back this summer, according to new STR data. The question remains how well it will maintain it. Estimated U.S. hotel gross operating profit for July 2021 came in at 111% of the 2019 comparable, STR reported on Tuesday. In addition to total GOP estimates above July 2019, EBITDA came in at 116% of the pre-pandemic comparable. On a per-available-room basis, each of the key profitability metrics, aside from labor, came in higher than any month since February 2020. GOPPAR: US$62.33 TRevPAR: US$156.58 EBITDA PAR: US$41.81 LPAR (Labor Costs): US$46.24 “It is first important to…
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